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We teach busy professionals H.O.W. to Highly Optimize their WorkDay, WorkPlace, and WorkForce.

Everything we do is based on these premises:
► Individual contributors want the best experience at work
► Executives desire these individuals to be highly productive, working towards key business objectives.

The problem is that most individual contributors are unable to carry out their jobs effectively (see the alarming statistics below!). As a result, key objectives are not being met, deadlines are missed, customers are less satisfied and the bottom line is negatively affected.

However, individual contributors can view and do their work differently. Each can optimize fully when our approach is conceived, understood, and executed.

The H.O.W. Advantage (TM) creates highly motivated individuals and teams, highly effective leaders, and highly profitable, successful organizations.

▪️ Did you know that your people are your most expensive expense (on average 70% of a company’s operating expense)? (HCMI)
▪️ Did you know that 70 % of the workforce is unengaged? (Gallup)
▪️ Did you know that the cost of an unengaged workforce costs US businesses $450-550B annually? (Gallup)


▪️ People Strategy Development
▪️ Consulting
▪️ Workshops and Training
▪️ Leadership and Team Coaching
▪️ Team Offsites
▪️ People Assessments


We’ve developed a flexible proprietary framework, the H.O.W. Advantage (TM)*, which allows individuals, teams, and organizations to execute the specific actions required to meet desired outcomes. And they take action with greater ease, less resistance, better motivation, and less fatigue.

Imagine being even 25-70% more optimized. We can help get you there.

*The H.O.W. Advantage – Highly Optimized WorkDay, WorkPlace, WorkForce (TM)


“I would have to say you help make me at least 25% more efficient, only problem is that opened up more time for more projects ;-)”


Linda Stacy

Linda Stacy

Founder, LivingBluPrints

Linda developed her proprietary model, The H.O.W. Advantage (TM), to help people, teams, and organizations optimize their workday, their workplace, and their workforce.

Linda based on her experience as a busy professional in the management consulting industry, an entrepreneur, and years of research, and training.

In addition to a B.A. in Biological Sciences and an M.S. in Library Science, Linda holds Bob Pike Group certifications in Instructional Design for Participant-Centered Training and Presentation Skills for Professionals. Linda is a proud member of the National Speaker Association and the National Association of Professional Organizers.
Besides spending oodles of time reading ANYthing related to productivity, energy management, time management, and entrepreneurship, Linda:

  • grew up in California and moved east in 1998 to get her Master’s; while she misses home, the change of seasons continues to delight!
  • is an avid snowboarder (since 2000, 2 years after she moved to New England); she met her husband (a skier) on the slopes and they continue to get out at least 15 days per year
  • enjoys home dec and any home organization project – especially if it involves something aesthetically pleasing (see this post for an example)
  • is a Lifetime Weight Watchers member who continues to attend meetings weekly (it is the secret to continued success!  A little about that here.)
  • fancies herself a runner, but is more wired for yoga
  • has baked thousands of cupcakes over the last few years, for MANY many birthdays, and 3 weddings!
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For years, I have been interested in the subject of “energy management” – mostly because “life” has wiped me out again and again!  Through a series of life events, in 2012, I began interviewing working professionals, retirees, moms, dads, and anyone else (who would talk to me) who lives in our oft-felt crazy world.  My questions were driven by an honest curiosity and sought to understand individuals’ joys and drains; to my mind, energy management is closely linked to that which wipes us out AND to that which leaves us as delighted and filled with a sense of openness and wonder. Linda

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