I had the honor of moderating a panel with four amazing health-tech entrepreneurs a few weeks ago. These are all women who have full time endeavors in addition to their health tech product businesses.

The title of the discussion was, Behind the Grind.

How do they even begin to get it all done?! Two are physicians, one is a nurse/PhD, and one is a cancer patient – managing her treatment, her small child, and her thriving business – and they all have successful health-tech products on the market.

The panalists included

  • Tiffany Kelley PhD MBA RN | Founder and CEO, Nightingale Apps
  • Kezia Fitzgerald | Co-Founder & CEO, CareAline
  • YiDing Yu, MD | Founder & CEO, Twiage
  • Dr. Alisa Niksch | Chief Medical Officer, Genetesis

During the session we talked about the hustle – what entrepreneurs do – day-in-day-out. I’d argue that it’s not only entrepreneurs who hustle – we all do – it’s just that the stakes shift depending on how big our projects are.

As someone who runs strategy days for entrepreneurs and teams within corporations – (I help them to optimize their workday and workplace, so that they get the right things done) – I am keenly aware of the importance of two factors that impact high performance and success:

  • one is having a really clear vision of what it is we’re creating
  • the second is having the tools and resources to execute day to day such that the vision (and all the goals that make it up) is realized – the hustle

The panelists absolutely demonstrated a strong combination of vision and execution … especially as they described the many challenges they face as they continue to develop their businesses.

Here are some execution tips they shared:

  • you have got to make time to plan and strategize
  • turn off push notifications (you already have enough distractions!)
  • make time for self-care – (in organizations, this means acknowledging the whole employee and maintaining humor)
  • say no more often (maintain your focus!)
  • improve your communication – always consider your audience

Do any of the above seem obvious but you are thinking, ‘yea, right?’

Whether you are managing yourself, a team, or a company, we can all use tools and calibration to:

  • get more of the right things done,
  • be sure our focus is on target,
  • understand when it’s time to expand, and
  • frame our conversations to get our goals met.

To learn how we can work with you to co-develop and design a customized plan to maximize productivity and success in your organization, please contact Linda Stacy, directly at linda@livingbluprints.com or 617.512.9572.

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