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I work with clients who juggle very full professional and personal lives. I help them manage the “abundance” in all aspects of life: community, recreation, spirituality, fitness/health, family, work, home… I help my clients be more who they want to be…to reach their goals…to live their lives with a greater sense of purpose…Sometimes the daily grind and *stuff* of life gets in the way of our ability to reach our full potential.

  • if you would like life to be less tedious
  • if you feel overwhelmed by all there is to *get done*
  • if you’d like your physical space to be a reflection of yourself and your goals
  • if you’d like to gain greater control of all that is incoming (the endless stream of information in the form of email, texts, and other electronic files)
  • if you’d like to spend less time searching for key documents and materials you need for your work
  • if you’d prefer to fully enjoy social and leisure activities, without a sense of distraction (“what SHOULD I be doing?” / “is there something that needs tending to?”)
  • if you would prefer to approach each day with excitement and a sense of purpose
  • if you feel are are doing pretty darn great, but wish it could all happen with greater ease…

With the LivingBluPrints Program, we begin where you are. We define, or hone in on, the essence of where you want to be; often this begins with the physical organization of space. Does your environment support where you are headed, or does it in fact, get in your way?

We’ll also spend time ensuring systems exist to manage whatever is creating chaos in your life – this could be something office related, (e.g. digital file and email management, or something more personal, (e.g. fitness or household financial management).

We’ll sink our teeth into mastering *task management* (which is so much more reasonable than managing TIME, isn’t it?!). Your most important projects will be identified and prioritized, and when you sit down to work, you will jump right in, knowing where you left off, and where to begin.

Throughout the entire process, we’ll assess energy management and life balance as we take a look at discipline, habits & routines, behavior change, willpower, recovery & rejuvenation.

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