Here in New England, Super Bowl champs, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are revered. And when you peel back the layers, you see the substance that legitimizes their reputation and success.

Below are some of the key take-aways from an on-stage interview (I was sitting in the audience!) facilitated by Tony Robbins last week at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center:

  • Both Tom and Julian were clear underdogs when they first entered the NFL; definitely not seen as ‘destined’ for success
  • In the years before they had any field time, they used it as opportunity to observe and model. They looked for specific behaviors, practices, and routines that worked effectively for athletes; they also identified those that didn’t work
  • In the beginning and today, they are both driven and work passionately for something beyond themselves

And from Julian, specifically:

  • He shared that his job is to study what Brady wants and needs from him as the receiver… that it’s his job to understand how to be the best receiver for the quarterback that Brady is

Your turn: whether you are an individual contributor, a manager, or a CEO, there are lessons for us all…

  • If you see or know a successful person, you can’t assume that person has had an easy go of it. Therefore, if you don’t feel lucky, it doesn’t matter… ‘luck’ isn’t an indicator for success
  • If you are anxious to ‘arrive’ (i.e. get to awesomeness right now) be patient and use the time to be strategic. What’s your course of action and who are the best people to role model as you work towards that goal? How will you identify and incorporate the routines and practices to get you there?
  • Consider your WHY. Why do you do what you do? Why is it important that you act a certain way? Is it for something larger than yourself?

And finally:

  • Whom do you serve (for your career or in your personal life)? How you can best serve these people? How can you be the best receiver for the quarterback(s) (clients, customers, bosses, partners, etc.) in your life?

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