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Linda is an experienced speaker, an accomplished business professional (working within strategy consulting for 15+ years), and an established facilitator, with instructional design certification and expertise.

Over the last decade, she has delivered interactive (fun!) presentations to thousands of people, ranging from small business owners to corporate and association audiences.

Her Topics Include:

  • O Captain! My Cap…Wait…Who the Heck is My Captain? How to navigate in today’s distracted, over-connected, constantly interrupted workplace.
  • Creating Conditions for Success
  • Optimize Your Productivity + Expand Your Energy; Lead Your Business to New Heights
  • Ready to Recharge
  • From Productivity to Purpose
  • Time Management for Increased Productivity
  • The Whole Package Professional: Productivity for your WHOLE Life

Praise for Linda

One of the most engaging and interactive sessions of AIIP’s 2013 conference was run by Linda Stacy, who designed her session to help her fellow AIIP members explore the ways they depleted their energy and capacity do their best work, and to identify and share their most effective ways to recharge and rejuvenate themselves. It’s a vitally important focus, and one that we as independent business owners too often ignore. Linda is a wonderful facilitator. She’s poised and professional and organized, but still maintains an open, warm presence that encourages everyone in the room to participate. She listens to her audience and takes the presentation where it needs to go, and yet she manages to keep everyone on track — quite a feat when you’ve got a room full of independently minded professional people who are used to working on their own, with no-one to tell them who’s boss!

Cathy Chiba

Dauratus Reseach, Inc.

It’s something everyone needs to work on… it was a really great way to take a step back and see what I am doing and how I can improve…



Linda Stacy’s Ready to Recharge session at AIIP13 provided participants with a fresh look at the business owner as a whole person who lives a balanced life. Taking an interactive approach, Linda sought audience input to ground her content and give it context. It was a valuable opportunity to step back from hard-core business topics and reflect on the personal side of running a strong and healthy business.

Phyllis Smith

Managing Director, ITK Vector, Inc.

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