Productivity for Whole Work + Life

An Interactive Workshop

Get CLEAR, get READY, design a PLAN for your best work, your best career, your best *LIFE*!

Join me and other hyper-busy professionals on Friday, September 23, from 8:45a until noon, Aloft Hotel, 727 Marrett Road, Lexington, MA to create a custom BluPrint for your life – at work, and at home.

This is an interactive workshop designed to help you create a clearer path towards your professional and life goals. The modules are based on systems that I developed after years of frustration…

[…as Dave Ramsey would say, I had gotten ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’  — of work, and all the commitments, and feeling like I was living life on a train and in a corporate office… life had become ‘navigation of obligation.’ I wanted JOY .. a sense of FREEDOM … and a sense that it all MATTERED…]

Who knew that studying *systems* and productivity would be a path to increased joy and SUCCESS?!

[You can register here!]

Everything I read about the ‘habits of successful’ athletes, entrepreneurs — you-name-it — aligns with these principles, skills, and hacks.

This session is dynamic, interactive, and hands-on! Attendees will work in small groups, but also have time to independently collect their thoughts (action items and ‘to-dos’) and strategize a custom productivity plan.

This is professional and personal development (I’m not sure the two can even be separated). Workshop time can be used to address home and work life, or just one or the other.

Short exercises lead participants through a BluPrint Building System to:

  • Module 1 – Assess and distill current projects,”todos,” and other commitments
  • Module 2 – Create clarity around long-term personal and professional goals
  • Module 3 – Develop systems to stay on top of key projects and priorities to ensure daily actions (1) allow us to maximize and maintain necessary energy; and (2) are in alignment with desired outcomes
  • Module 4 – Map out your course of action – a Personalized Whole-Package Plan – for your best work and life

Please join me – get clear(er) with me!

[You can register here!]

Other Cool Potential* Results:

  • Start your day in the seat of control, in front of the eight ball, not behind it!
  • The BluPrint preparation and approach facilitate a more open, flexible, confident mindset.
    • Most days don’t go as planned; it’s our approach, attitude, and mindset that support us through chaos and emergencies.
  • Routines and systems for ‘maintenance’ tasks provide support structure for our more important work.
    • We have more energy and creativity for innovation in the workplace and contentment at home.
  • Productivity training and coaching provides a foundation – a blueprint – for a successful career, and a successful life.
    • We would never build a structure without a blueprint; how can we expect to build a successful life without one?

*Results vary based participant commitment and willingness to work through the materials and then execute based upon the personal blueprint!

Registration begins at 8:15 – come early to get settled and network!

Light Breakfast, coffee and tea will be provided.

Registration can be found here

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